Posted on Apr 24, 2014

Even though I’m now officially a grown up, I still leg it down the road when I hear the ice cream van (even though my Dad says that means he’s ran out of ice cream) in the quest for a delicious 99.

But this guy, Luke Stephenson, he gets a MASSIVE virtual high 5 from me for taking the 99 to a whole new level.


Last summer he traveled around the UK in a camper van, sampling 99 99s, with only one rule, saying yes to whatever they offered. Sometimes it turned out to be a plain ice cream, others ended up covered in marshmallows and sauce. Before this I’d never really thought about how different 99s are, but thinking about it, they all seem to have their own personal spin, the thickness of the ice cream, the sauce or mad toppings!

I am ravaged with jealousy and admiration of Lukes adventure and can’t wait to see the finished project. Check out the 99x99s website here!