Apple Watch: Hot or not?

Posted on Mar 15, 2015

The launch of the new Apple Watch has come under great debate and our opinions are divided in the office…

Why I want a Apple Watch

The launch of the new Apple Watch is the next step in personal communication. Why is everyone so reluctant to like this new technology? I’ve never seen such a negative response to a company being innovative and exploring new avenues of communication. And so what if it ends up the same way as Google Glass? If you don’t think you’d use the Apple Watch- then it’s not targeted at you.

Owners of the new Apple Watch can make and receive calls, receive emails, shop online, call an Uber taxi and let you check in for flights. Not only that, it’s beautiful too.

Why wouldn’t you want a gadget that allows you to do all that?

Yes arguably it’s another useless device that we don’t need, but that has never stopped us buying Apple products before? We have smart phones with hundreds of pointless apps and games, and we have the same pointless apps and games on our iPad, and we have laptops, iPods, Kindles, notebook computers, and we’ll keep on buying.

I am not a huge gadget buyer, and I admit I won’t be rushing out to buy one next month, but it’s clear to see the convenience, benefits and style to those who would wear one, and when I may wear one in the future.
It has an 18-hour battery too, so you can’t complain about that either.

Written by Rachael Nicholas

No thank you Apple

I love my Mac. I had a good 3 years with my iPhone until it died and I was priced out of the market (I’m now the proud owner of a HTC one and it is blooming brilliant). My iPod was always by my side until our phones became mp3 players. My iPad is useful at times yet is used quite rarely due to phones always being on hand. Apple’s devices seem to be getting increasingly less useful. I feel like I have been coaxed into becoming a mini Jason Bradbury by the power of clever advertising of these ‘must-have’ gadgets. And now they are trying to sell me a watch.

As a designer I appreciate how gorgeous these watches are. They are sleek and stylish and look like they were designed by people from the future. I love the many different combinations of strap you can have and how they have put consideration into every last detail. As someone who likes to keep fit, I also think it’s cool that it can monitor your health.

But y’know what?

I don’t need all of that. If I did I would have bought a fitband for a slice of the price. My phone is nearly always within reach, so accessing apps and making calls are no strenuous task. If I wanted a watch I would have bought something for a tenner that if I accidentally left it on in the shower I wouldn’t be cursing the roof off. Plus I’ve used my phone as a watch for the last 10 years, way before any swanky apps were introduced and it told the correct time ‘within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard’. I like being punctual, but not no one needs to be that punctual.

Congratulations Apple on creating something stunningly beautiful, but it’s not for me (even if I wanted one I couldn’t as it only works with iPhone 5 and up). I’ll keep my money and use what I already have, which for me is more than enough.

Written by Zoe Birtles