Design studio reinvents the crayon

Posted on Jun 19, 2014

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One day after school I went to my friend Matt’s house and we decided to draw all over his bedroom wall with crayons, it was possibly the most fun I have ever had, no exaggeration.

Squiggles, shapes, just drawing whatever we felt like. Breaking out of the normal canvas of a piece of A4 (A3 if I was lucky) or a colouring book was just fab. Of course we were grounded and I was not allowed around Matt’s house for a very long time after that!

Moving on 20 years, and Australian design studio MATHERY are actively encouraging kids to break the norm when it comes to using crayons. They were given the task to conceptualise and design a new immersive ‘Kid’s Space’ focused on transforming perception with the simple act of drawing. They have done this by turning crayons into shoes, balls, headpieces and dangling tools.

“Crayons are made of wax that can be melted and moulded. The objective of the space is to ask children to break out of their comfort zone and to become active protagonists in the physical act of drawing. Children will be prompted to draw in odd and quirky ways; through sport, performance and random bodily expression.”

As well as looking a lot of fun, the pieces these kids have created are the complete opposite to what you are told to do with crayons as a kid, “Stay in the lines now, make it neat.” NO. Why can’t you just make a big playful mess, its so much more fun and looks much more expressive. (I don’t think Matt’s mum would agree!)