We’ve thought long and hard about what to write on our digital marketing page.¬†Eventually we reached the conclusion that we can’t really write anything. That might sound a bit strange in a ‘digital world’ but hear us out.

It’s not that digital isn’t important, it’s just that it isn’t a ‘thing’ on its own.

Not anymore anyway.

Quite the contrary, digital is virtually everything. In fact, it is so pervasive, you can’t simply label something as ‘digital’ and expect someone to understand what you mean.

As marketers, 99% of what we do touches digital or is touched by it so as far as the world of marketing goes, the word digital is redundant.

For us, it is simply marketing. It is about bringing together planning, branding, creative design and interesting storytelling to make your customers sit up and take notice of you.

And on the whole, that means you sell more or your products or services. And that is what we’re really about.