Great marketing on the Underground

Posted on Feb 11, 2014

Transport for London (TfL) is the organisation behind the busy hustle and bustle of the London Underground. And surprisingly, TfL is the brains behind the innovative marketing campaigns gracing the tube walls.

Supported by M&C Saatchi, TfL have launched a number of campaigns which have brightened the days of commuters and tourists alike.
And to attract the attention of the hectic lives of the tube goers, a marketing campaign has to really stand out from the crowd.

TfL invited 15 artists to offer a fresh perspective on the tube map cover. ‘Art on the Underground’ was born.

What is interesting about TfL’s Art on the Underground, against the barrage of adverts which commuters see every day, is that it isn’t selling you something. It is there to be appreciated, and enjoyed- a rare marketing campaign in today’s world.


TfL also launched the ‘poetiquette’ campaign, featuring drawings by graphic artists illustrating poetry urging commuters not to drop litter or obstruct train doors. Undoubtedly, poetry isn’t the usual approach by public services to discourage anti-social behaviour, yet it works.


Another humorous move by TfL was their ‘Tube or False’ posters with quirky and insightful facts about London’s tube stations. Can you guess if it’s true or false?


So when a campaign makes a busy tube-goer stop, look, and forward it to friends or even blog about it, you know it’s a winner.