New kid on the block

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Shock horror! Another kids TV show has been remade with CGI. This time it’s handyman Bob the Builder.

You will see that Bob looks totally different in the face, but keeps his signature dungarees and checked shirt. Bob joins an ever growing gang of kids shows that have gone from puppetry or clay to CGI.

Other shows such as Postman Pat, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam and The Magic Roundabout have all gone over to the dark side. I can’t help but think doing this is just a waste of time!

When I catch a glimpse of these newly animated cartoons, I feel that the character and charm is taken out of whole show, we see enough CGI these days, let kids see something creative before it’s sucked out of them under piles of Maths and History at school.  I know these are tried and tested characters, so can’t really fail. But if they’ve been such big hits before, why not re-run them to a whole new generation (who I’m sure won’t care that their TV pals aren’t computer generated.)

Or on the other hand, they could get a bit creative and come up with exciting new programmes for kids to enjoy? Good luck to the new Bob, but it will have to be pretty special to have the same charm as the old one!

screen-shot-2014-10-12-at-22-27-11PostmanPatMovie copy Magic_Roundabout-one-sheet copy Thomas-the-Tank-Engine-LR25 copy Fireman Sam copy