K3 SYSPRO are the sole UK reseller of SYSPRO ERP and also act as head office for SYSPRO Europe.

We were briefed to develop a series of animations for the sales team to use to quickly and easily explain the benefits of SYSPRO and the various add-on modules.

We created a series of animations based around the concept of ‘SYSPRO City’ – a city that runs like clockwork due to its use of SYSPRO ERP and the various add-on modules. The feedback from the sales team has been overwhelmingly positive and the animations have been used on social media, websites,
at exhibitions and during sales meetings and presentations.

“The Workshop team really understood what we were trying to achieve with this brief and delivered both creatively and strategically. These animations are a very handy tool for our entire team and we’ve had great feedback about how they sum up the features and benefits of our products.”

Sarah Bojanowksi, Marketing Manager, K3 SYSPRO