The rise and fall of the digital marketing agency

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

The marketing industry has changed. Being a specialist agency in either SEO, content or social is riskier than ever. Your marketing strategy is now more effective if you value all the marketing strands equally.

If you’re a small company with a limited budget for marketing, it would be wise to consider working with an agency who doesn’t consider one aspect of digital marketing in isolation.

For example, how qualified is your technical SEO agency to write content which resonates with the audience of your brand? So you invest in a content marketing agency to work on your blog for you as well as your external SEO help.

It doesn’t stop there, it’s great producing valuable content but it needs to reach the right people. Social media and PR are the tools to spread the word about the great blog you’ve just posted and the latest product you’ve just launched- do you hire a PR company and social media specialists too?

There is still more- branding, design and usability all play a part in your customers buying experience and enjoyment and whether they’ll return to your website or engage with your brand on social media. Yet of course you can work with a design agency, branding experts or talk to a UX specialist.

But how valuable is it to work with six different specialist agencies all trying to raise your profile while you are the middle man between them all?

Welcome to the rise of the marketing ‘everything’ agency. This agency (like us) can integrate all these aspects of your marketing strategy to create seamless campaigns for your brand to be successful. None of the parts mentioned above work alone, and it has never been a more important time to join all the pieces of the marketing puzzle.